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The 2016 Urban Future Competition is a new Smart Cities and Smart Grid business competition in New York. Startups with transformative business solutions for global urban energy and sustainability challenges will compete to pitch their solutions to a jury of investors, market partners and successful entrepreneurs  to win two $25,000 awards, one for each category: Smart Cities and Smart Grid. Winners will also join as members of the ACRE incubator and will be given the opportunity to meet with mentors from the strategic partners and sponsors, including the Smart Grid teams at the largest utilities in NY.

The Urban Future Lab launched the Urban Future Competition on June 14th, 2016 at New York Energy Week. The Competition will run over three months in summer 2016. The application is due August 14th. Finalists will pitch at Jury Day on September 12th. The Awards will be announced on September 27th at the Greentech Media REV Future Conference.

Competition Video: Link
Apply here:
Urban Future Competition (PDF, 1.7 MB)